1x1 Design Consulting

Are you yearning to transform your space? Feeling overwhelmed with design decisions? Does hiring an interior designer sound like a major commitment and investment? Would you rather spend your budget on enhancing the space itself? Good news: we understand, and we’ve tailored our 1x1 Design Consulting to provide you with expert guidance, direction and support to create space of your dreams - at a fraction of the cost of traditional design work. At your convenience, on your terms, with no long-term commitment. We offer Video Consulting, In Person Consulting & Registry and Staging Consulting, working with any design aesthetic, size and type of space, scope of project, geographic location and time zone. Are you ready to achieve your design goals? Let’s do this.


If you’re looking to make design enhancements of any kind – including changing up the decor, furnishings, layout, colors or vibe – our Video Consulting is perfect for you. Flexibly structured plans offer you the ability to tap into our services on an “as needed” basis throughout your design journey. We consult on everything from minor changes to major overhauls. No long-term commitment or budget qualifications required.


Those who have larger scale projects (and more sizable budgets to work with) may want to consider our In Person Consulting service. We begin with a complimentary discovery call to assess your needs and be sure we’re the best fit for the job. Upon deciding to move forward, we prepare and present you with a custom proposal. We offer everything from conceptual planning through full scale project management.


If you’re planning to get married, have a baby or any other life event where creating a registry is part of your planning process, this package is for you. If you’re gearing up to list a property for sale and would like some best practices for staging along with guidance tailored to your specific property, then this package is for you.