Liz Gaffney,  Founder & Principal Designer

Liz Gaffney, Founder & Principal Designer

Liz Gaffney believes a beautiful creative spirit lies within each of us, and when we’re encouraged to tap into it free of judgment and we show up with a willingness to be imperfect, beautiful things can happen. As an interior designer, she transforms lives and strengthen interpersonal relationships by enhancing the surroundings of the spaces we occupy. She has an unmatched ability to translate tastes into tangible masterpieces, by establishing strong connections with everyone she works with.

As a writer, Liz created her blogging platform to educate, inspire and showcase talent from all facets of the design industry. This forum unites her passion for design and love for people, allowing her to explore anything and everything that piques her unstoppable curiosity. She collaborates with one-of-a-kind creatives and extraordinary brands to provide her audience with a quality, uplifting, apolitical escape. She strives to pay forward the kindness and support shown to her over the years, promoting authenticity, self-confidence, growth, empowerment, and of course, fun.


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