We believe everyone should feel exceptional in the spaces they occupy, yet we understand individual needs and budget constraints can restrict access to high-end design consulting. That is why we offer a wide range of options, at affordable rates, for any style, space, size or scope of project. We specialize in maximizing your existing belongings to save you both time and money - your two most precious assets!

Design Consulting

Conducted over video chat or in person, our 1x1 design consulting is tailored to your individual needs, goals and budget. At your pace and on your terms, together we will transform your space into becoming everything you have ever dreamed it could be.

Inspiration Boxes

Are you in need of creative direction to kickstart your next design project? Our beautiful Inspiration Boxes are 100% customized to your unique aesthetic and style preferences, full of thoughtfully selected goodies and an in-depth guide to help you translate our picks into your reality. No two boxes are ever the same.

Layouts & Design Boards

Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective to breathe new life into your space – which is why we offer custom-curated layouts and design boards prepared just for you. We evaluate your current likes and dislikes, analyze the flow of the space and your overall goals, to equip you with a transformative plan of action to dramatically enhance your design.

COMING SOON: Design Workshops

Do you prefer learning alongside others? Check out our live quarterly workshop series - each designed to foster an intimate, fun and connected group learning experience as we guide you through an information-packed program guaranteed to enhance your surroundings week by week.

Shop Our Favorites

A wide variety of our favorite furnishings and decor, spanning all different styles, price ranges, colors, categories, textures, patterns, etc. Truly something for everyone!

Design Guides & Resources

Quality content crafted to encourage self-study and individual exploration of topics spanning all facets of interior design. A great place to start if you’re newly embarking on a project or looking to strengthen your understanding of design.

For additional information on any of our services, please review our Frequently Asked Questions.