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Three Keys To Effortlessly Beautiful Interiors

This complimentary guide is designed to challenge you to think outside the box and see new opportunities within your space you may not have known existed before. Sometimes the only way to figure out if you’ll like something or not is to try it… so being open to experimentation is essential. There are no wrong turns, no mistakes!


LG’s Inspiration Gallery

Inspiration is all around us, sometimes you just need to open your eyes to see it. Check out our Inspiration Gallery to see what inspires us, and why.



COMING SOON: Identifying Your Design Style

You hear all of these different terms thrown around - monochromatic, minimalist, contemporary, rustic, Mid-Century modern, industrial, boho, etc. We are working through a guide to share our take on a few, in hopes that it helps inform and inspire you toward better understanding your preferred aesthetic.


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COMING SOON: The How To’s of Layouts

A guide dedicated to sharing everything there is to know about how to lay out a room in the most functional, visually appealing way possible.