Imperfection = Authenticity

Social media is home to so much inspiration and genuinely uplifting content, but it can quickly become a toxic space dredging up insecurities, fears of inadequacy, self-comparisons, and an unshakable drive for perfection and acceptance. We expose ourselves to thousands upon thousands of videos, images and advertisements, which in the moment can feel enjoyable, but can quickly result in us losing perspective on the beauty within our own world / selves…

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Cohabitating 101

If you’re like me and you think you’re perfect, let me break it to you gently.. you’re not. We’re not. It’s so sad and unfortunate but it’s true.

The good news is, no one you know is either. We all have our oddities - habits, routines, likes and dislikes - and sometimes we don’t become aware of them until we start sharing a space with another person for an extended period of time…

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