#1 Fix for Enhancing the Flow of Any Space

Curating the perfect layout is no easy task. Determining how to best utilize/maximize a space requires taking a careful look at its unique configuration, points of entry, windows, purpose(s), structural oddities, etc., which vary drastically from one space to the next. But that said, there is one super simple trick I use when I begin to tackle the layout of any new space… I call it my rounding principle

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Imperfection = Authenticity

Social media is home to so much inspiration and genuinely uplifting content, but it can quickly become a toxic space dredging up insecurities, fears of inadequacy, self-comparisons, and an unshakable drive for perfection and acceptance. We expose ourselves to thousands upon thousands of videos, images and advertisements, which in the moment can feel enjoyable, but can quickly result in us losing perspective on the beauty within our own world / selves…

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Cohabitating 101

If you’re like me and you think you’re perfect, let me break it to you gently.. you’re not. We’re not. It’s so sad and unfortunate but it’s true.

The good news is, no one you know is either. We all have our oddities - habits, routines, likes and dislikes - and sometimes we don’t become aware of them until we start sharing a space with another person for an extended period of time…

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My Why, My Purpose

As I’ve ventured down this entrepreneurial path of sharing my love for design with the world, I have found it critical to stay connected to my “why” - to stay true to my mission and quiet the internal and external pressures I’ve navigated to date. I also find it important to share why I’m doing what I’m doing because it allows my audience (aka you!) to connect with me, and resonate with bits of my story, my outlook and my purpose.

I seek deep-rooted fulfillment through helping others enhance their lives and interpersonal relationships. But, how does that relate back to my interior design business? Let me explain.

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Bathrooms as Sanctuaries

Believe it or not, bathrooms are spaces we often seek out for relaxation. Perhaps it’s for a soothing bubble bath or just a quick escape from a crowded restaurant or miserably long and drawn out meeting, but in any case, bathrooms offer us a momentary pause to regroup and check in with ourselves. They affect how we feel on the inside which impacts how we feel and act outside of them. Therefore, striking a certain level of tranquility is key, for residential design as well as commercial spaces.

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