Cohabitating 101

If you’re like me and you think you’re perfect, let me break it to you gently.. you’re not. We’re not. It’s so sad and unfortunate but it’s true.

The good news is, no one you know is either. We all have our oddities - habits, routines, likes and dislikes - and sometimes we don’t become aware of them until we start sharing a space with another person for an extended period of time…

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Mid-Century Modern Picks

Mid-Century Modern-inspired furnishings and decor made a major comeback a few years ago, and is still a widely sought after aesthetic today. Reminiscent of styles born between ~1935-1965 (exact timeframe is debatable), authentic vintage pieces can be found at auctions and antique shows priced in the 10’s of thousands; but many reproductions can be found today at much more accessible pricing. Here are a few to consider…

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