Spring is About to Spring!

Sigh of relief…warmth is on the way!

As we head into this wonderful period of changing seasons, what will it mean for your interiors? What are the best ways to invite this newfound energy into your home?

Here are a few of my favorite go-to’s:

1) Switch up linens, blankets and throw pillows… Return the plaids, furs and darker flannels to the linen closet, and bring out the whites, florals and softer neutrals. This quickly livens the vibe in any space.


2) Deep clean. When you’re able to see your belongings sparkle and shine again, it reminds you of how much you love them… bring them to life again!

3) Open windows and doors… The air outside may still have a chilly bite to it, but letting in the fresh smelling air after a good rain or grey day feels invigorating… (even if it means you have to put on slippers and a fleece!)

4) Fresh flowers every week

5) Changing out closets. Putting away snow boots and down jackets in favor of flats and lighter outerwear pieces, is such a good feeling. Again, if you jump the gun on the weather and you still have some colder days to go, that’s okay…just dig out the warm stuff as needed.

6) Invite friends over. Host a light, relaxing cocktail party or brunch on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon… ideally it will be sunny out, but regardless, it will spring some loving & kind energy into the lives of your peoples.

7) Declutter. That pretty much goes for any time of year, but the therapeutic benefits of donating things you no longer need or want is so powerful. It feels liberating and empowering being so productive, and knowing that you’re simultaneously helping others is the icing on the cake!

Until next time,