Sweet Touches

The smallest details can have the most subtle but wonderful impact, providing an intangible comfort to all who experience them. Below are a few, each of which are VERY easy to implement and completely adaptable to any aesthetic…

1) Accessible Coasters

Not only do they save your furniture from undue wear and tear, but they allow your guests to feel more at ease knowing they’re not leaving rings or stains on your beautiful pieces.

2) Room Spray

The best interiors come to life when every one of our senses is acknowledged during the design process. Scent is particularly powerful. Room spray (placed in a powder room and other common areas) allow for an immediate refresh which imparts a feeling of renewed energy.


3) Tiny Ring Keepers

Small dishes positioned in close proximity to kitchen and bathroom sinks provides a safe space for someone to place their most significant, prized jewelry while washing up.


4) Small, Lined, Foot-Pedal-Operated Trash Bins

Such a luxury. Truly. For anyone who has ever been stuck somewhere in a dire circumstance likely understands. No elaboration needed. The convenience and cleanliness of this small touch impacts both the user and maintainer. Win win.

5) Bedside Hand Cream

Moisturizing is most effective when applied at night, when your body is regenerating and renewing itself while you sleep… At least that’s what they say. Regardless, having a softening hand salve or cream at arm’s length when you’re tucking in leaves little room for excuses for having rough chapped hands.


6) Tissue Holder

Kudos to Kleenex and Puffs for upping their design game, I really do appreciate the different patterns and styles they’ve rolled out over the years. However, it is so much classier to enclose the cardboard box in something prettier that matches your interior decor. Then they’re free to be publicly displayed for that miserable one-off sneeze that catches you by surprise. The tissues infused with lotion are my fave.

7) Hotel-Style Toiletries

After a long day of travel and inevitable hurdles in between, the last thing you want is to show up somewhere forgetting a necessity, like a toiletry or two. Having small offerings on hand to provide your guests with allows them to not feel like an imposition, borrowing your personal belongings…. A fresh travel=size set of toothpaste, toothbrush, and a few shower amenities are all you need.

8) Hand Soap & Lotion Dish

Definitely not essential, but it adds a polite elegance and helps to keep countertops looking and feeling organized.

9) Eyeglass Cleaner Kit

Personal pet peeve: blurry, fingerprinted=up glasses…either my own or those of whoever it is I’m looking at. I am never far from a shammy, but sometimes that doesn’t cut it. I prefer having a small spray and other cleaning/fixer accessories in a cute tin placed in a common area (esp. tv or living room). Knowing it’s nearby whenever I’m in need - or I’m in need of interrupting someone to say “Can I please clean your glasses for you?” (which I’m known to do… a lot)… reduces major anxiety.


Until next time!