My Why, My Purpose

As I’ve ventured down this entrepreneurial path of sharing my love for design with the world, I have found it critical to stay connected to my “why” - to stay true to my mission and quiet the internal and external pressures I’ve navigated to date. I also find it important to share why I’m doing what I’m doing because it allows my audience (aka you!) to connect with me, and resonate with bits of my story, my outlook and my purpose.

I seek deep-rooted fulfillment through helping others enhance their lives and interpersonal relationships. But, how does that relate back to my interior design business? Let me explain.


There is a palpable feeling that comes over me when I walk into a jaw-dropping space. It can be jaw-dropping for countless reasons - maybe it’s because it’s filled with color, contrasts and eclectic pieces that pique my curiosity, or maybe it’s minimalist, soothing and serene. Brand new or antiquated, charming and cozy or clean-lined and industrial. No matter the style, when a space is well put together, I immediately experience a beautiful sense of ease.

When I feel at ease, it changes how I show up in the world. I feel more confident, content, less anxious, more grateful and open to connecting with and helping others. At home, in my quiet spaces, feeling at ease is essential for my ability to decompress and get grounded in myself. It also refuels my energy for the next round of external stimulation - be it meeting other people, traveling, visiting with friends, etc.

In work environments and public spaces, feeling at ease allows me to present and share my best self with others. Loving, kind, providing a listening ear and constructive advice, receptive to feedback, creatively energetic, clear-headed, not stressed, calm and comfortable. THIS is everything to me.

From the moment I recognized how a design can affect my mindset, behavior and therefore relationships, I quickly discovered the same can happen for others.

As a creative visionary and creator, I love to witness the transformative effects my design work has on others’ lives. When I enhance spaces to become more cohesive, organized and visually appealing, or inspire and empower others to uplift their own, the end result always has a domino effect. The mindsets of all who experience these more tranquil spaces are positively impacted, which in turn positively impacts their interactions and strengthens connectivity with new, budding and old interpersonal relationships.

You know that feeling you get when you’re surprised by having a lovely interaction with a barista in a two second exchange at a coffee shop? Or when you have a relaxed meeting with coworkers over an otherwise tense issue in a conference room? Or when you successfully work through an argument with your significant other far from home when stressful travels put you on edge? Doesn’t it feel f$%#ing amazing?!?! Beautiful surroundings help to achieve these outcomes - by allowing people to feel and show up as their best selves.

THIS is my why. My contribution to bettering our world,,, one design enhancement at a time, one relationship at a time. This is my purpose.

I look forward to enhancing YOUR life someday, and I’m thrilled to share that I’m in the process of developing some exciting offerings to increase the number of lives I can touch. If you’re curious about how I can help you, your loved ones, your business, your relationship - be sure to subscribe to stay in the know.

Until next time 💗