Styling Dreamland

I’m a huge believer in the power of sleep for maintaining health and well-being, and one of the easiest ways to set the stage for a good night’s sleep is by creating a cozy, inviting haven to get lost in your dreams.

The good news is, in order to create a bed that gives off the vibe of a relaxing luxury hotel, all you need are a few key pieces, some attention to detail and an understanding about the art of layering.

Let’s dive in…

Styling is Personal

There is no right or wrong way to style a bed, but rather a number of options to consider, any of which will help enhance the look and feel of any bed/bedroom.

The Basics

A bed is typically dressed with at least two standard pillows, a fitted and flat sheet set, a duvet and/or quilt. In terms of quality, I prefer 100% Egyptian cotton sheets and a duvet cover, with natural goose down pillows and medium warmth/all season down comforter inserts (and a memory foam mattress topper!).

When styling a guest bedroom, I suggest working with a light-weight sheet set and duvet to accommodate the hot sleepers, while incorporating an optional quilt layer and/or extra warm blankets close at hand for those who prefer to hibernate like a bear (me!). Also, including pillows of varying firmness is always a nice touch.

Next come the add-ons…

What to Work With

Bedding accessories come in all shapes and sizes - pillows, throw blankets, quilts, coverlets, bed skirts and “bed scarves” are among your many options to choose from. See right for a diagram to begin envisioning how some of these items can be purposed. This is a great opportunity to test out different colors, patterns, textures and sizes to see what feels balanced and right for your personal aesthetic.

Pay Attention to Sizing

Sheet sets, duvets and quilts should correspond to the mattress size you’re working with.

  • Twin XL is longer than a Twin - if the bedding is sized for a twin and you need an XL, be wary of its fit…

  • Same goes for California King vs King - Cal King is larger in both length and width…

  • If the sheet set says Full/Queen, you should be okay if you have a Full OR a Queen mattress.

Bed Pillows

Accent & Throw Pillows

  • These can often be sold as a standalone cover without an insert, and/or come in a pair of two. Be sure to double check sizing and quantities.

  • I highly recommend opting for natural goose down if you’re in need of inserts - the pillow will retain its plush shape far better than a synthetic.

Blankets & Throw Blankets

  • Blankets can sometimes be incorporated as a layer on top of a sheet. If that’s the case, be sure sizing corresponds appropriately with the size of your mattress.

  • If you prefer to showcase a blanket as a throw/accessory but still want it to be cuddly and cozy, opt for a size 50x60” or larger.

Presentation - The Key to a Gorgeously Luxe Bed

  • Regardless of how you plan to position the pillows and top covers, the bottom layers (sheets and/or blankets) should be folded immaculately… Here is a guide for how to create perfect “hospital corners.”

  • Pillows can be positioned a number of different ways (see diagram below for suggestions). My preference is two (or three) square Euro’s closest to the headboard, two or four bed pillows layered in front of the Euro’s, with two 20x20” pillows at the very front. Sounds extravagant, I know, but I love the look…

  • Quilts, blankets and duvets can be presented differently too.

    • If a blanket or quilt is included with the top sheet, I often fold them together to be tightly fitted to the mattress. I then lay about ~1/2 of the duvet over the end of the bed and fold the remainder at the foot of the bed for easy access when tucking in.

    • When not using a blanket between the top sheet and duvet, I always pull the duvet taut up to the headboard, and sometimes tuck it in on the sides for a more finished look.

  • Throw blankets can be folded nicely at the end or messily strewn across the foot of the bed for a more “effortlessly unfinished” look. And voila!

Pillow Display Diagram -  Courtesy of Pinterest

Pillow Display Diagram - Courtesy of Pinterest