Mid-Century Modern Picks

Mid-Century Modern-inspired furnishings and decor made a major comeback a few years ago, and is still a widely sought after aesthetic today. Reminiscent of styles born between ~1935-1965 (exact timeframe is debatable), authentic vintage pieces can be found at auctions and antique shows priced in the 10’s of thousands; but many reproductions can be found today at much more accessible pricing. Here are a few to consider…

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Bathrooms as Sanctuaries

Believe it or not, bathrooms are spaces we often seek out for relaxation. Perhaps it’s for a soothing bubble bath or just a quick escape from a crowded restaurant or miserably long and drawn out meeting, but in any case, bathrooms offer us a momentary pause to regroup and check in with ourselves. They affect how we feel on the inside which impacts how we feel and act outside of them. Therefore, striking a certain level of tranquility is key, for residential design as well as commercial spaces.

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Styling Dreamland

I’m a huge believer in the power of sleep for maintaining health and well-being, and one of the easiest ways to set the stage for a good night’s sleep is by creating a cozy, inviting haven to get lost in your dreams.

The good news is, in order to create a bed that gives off the vibe of a relaxing luxury hotel, all you need are a few key pieces, some attention to detail and an understanding about the art of layering.

Let’s dive in…

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